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Sideblog Plugin for b2evolution

Purpose The Sideblog plugin allows you to insert another blog in the sidebar of your skin with simple plugin call. A sidebar blog can be used for brief posts, links, photos or any other list you want arranged chronologically. Installation Requires… more »

Peasant multiplication

I just learned that there is another way to multiply numbers on paper. In school I learned this method: US Mulitplication 39 x25 ------- 195 +78 ------ 975 That works fine, but it requires you to know your multiplication table well, which I… more »

Who Killed the Electric Car?

Who Killed the Electric Car? is a documentary about the electric car that GM made for a while in 1996. When the leases ended for the cars, all the GM EV1s were reclaimed and destroyed. Why was such a well-liked car discontinued? Several of the… more »

Squidoo Module

A couple of weeks ago I finished a very exciting project, but it's just now gone public. Someone from contacted me about making a YouTube Module for them after they saw my YouTube plugin for b2evolution. Squidoo is a pretty fun site. Any… more »

Google Spell for b2evolution

We've been using it here on for a while, but now the Google Spell plugin for b2evolution is publicly available at We're pretty excited to release it into the community for free. The spell checker than comes with… more »

Happy birthday, Blog Cabin

I made my first blog post three years ago today. It was on LiveJournal then, but I've imported the old posts. more »

Spam back

Here's another spammer whose site has comments open. Let him have it. more »

Another spammer

I found another #^%$# selling blog spamming software, and this one is specifically targeted at b2evolution: Toward the bottom of their huge page of marketing BS I found this little gem: With the power that B2Eblogger gives you comes… more »

Chamber of commerse site finished

I finished up the Adrian Chamber of Commerce website last week and yesterday I got approval for pointing the domain at the new version. I still have a copy of the old version of the site if you want to compare. I finished another cool project… more »

Rick jerk

I was doing my daily spam deleting and I found this comment: I am the Rich Jerk, and today I am sharing my secret software toolbox which put me on every search engine on the #1 position. Nice guys always finish last. That really caught my eye. I'm used… more »

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