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Another spammer

05/06/06 | by [mail] | Categories: computer/tech

I found another #^%$# selling blog spamming software, and this one is specifically targeted at b2evolution: b2eblogger.com Toward the bottom of their huge page of marketing BS I found this little gem:

With the power that B2Eblogger gives you comes responsibility. And we intend to ensure that every B2Eblogger Software user is responsible and understands that Common Sense and Courtesy equal more profits, more respect, more repeat posts being allowed!

Responsible? Courtesy? So, they'll spam you responsibly and politely. That's why I've been getting so much spam that says "Great site! Here are some other resources . . ." Wow, thanks for being so responsible and courteous, guys! Now I don't hope you get hit by a bus any more. Let's make it a car instead.

I guess there's a bit of comfort in knowing that the idiots doing this are out $247 dollars for the software. Wait, no, that's not comforting at all. What is comforting . . .

There Are Some Things In Life That Can Be Stopped... This Is Not One Of Them

That's where you're wrong, jerk. There is something that can stop your little racket. It's called b2evolution 1.8. Once that's installed on this blog we'll be done with spam.



Great site! Here are some other resources: www.brendoman.com/hough.

[Member]  05/09/06 @ 01:09

Pretty much average site. Here is another lame site: mine! Spammers keep life online interesting I guess, though I’d be a lot happier if they would all catch the social diseases their daughters are spreading around Jr High School, but why wait for 1.8? All the tools to thwart the spammers (and you never can actually beat them eh?) are available to anyone with a keyboard and a brain. Heck I’m proof you don’t really need the brain to win each new battle!

EdB [Visitor]http://wonderwinds.com05/30/06 @ 02:54

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