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Protect your computer

I know I've said this before, but it's worth repeating now that I've got some friends plagued with the latest worms: Run Windows update on your computer! If there are critical updates, then install them. Don't worry about the other types of updates (Windows XP and Drivers), but get those security updates. People are finding new security flaws in MS Windows every week. Anti-virus software is also a good idea. It looks like some of the newer worms actually block your access to anti-virus sites and Windows Update, so prevention is a lot easier than trying to get rid of something. And of course, don't open email attachments unless you know exactly what they are. Ok, I'll get off of my soapbox now.


What the font. This could be useful. You upload an image file containing some text and this site will show you the fonts that match it the closest. It gives links where you can download or buy the font.

(via metafilter)


The computer I use at work is making me angry. Parts of it are crashing regularly now. It's a good computer, the best one I've ever used, but I think it needs to have Windows reinstalled. It's been used pretty hard and by a lot of people. I'm trying to think of everything I need to back up, but I know I'll forget some things and they'll be lost forever. I might take this crisitunity to install Linux and make this a dual-boot machine. What are all the things I need to remember to back-up before wiping my hard drive (besides work files, iTunes music, bookmarks, email, financial files, settings for w.bloggar and FTP)?

On a happier note, I saw Caddyshack for the first time last night.

Gmail invite for free

I have yet another Gmail invite.

Update: I gave it away. Check back later for more invites.

Microsoft Internet Explorer exploit

The department of homeland security has issued a warning about a new way that Microsoft products have been exploited. I saw this first on Leo Laporte's blog. This one looks pretty serious, so update your anti-virus software. It looks like Firefox users won't have to worry about it since it is an IE security hole. If you still use IE, this would be a great time to switch.

DVD Rewinder

The DVD Rewinder

I wish I had thought of that.

More Gmail invites

Ok, I have 6 more Gmail invites. First come, first served.

Bloglines Mobile

While I'm on the subject of mobile web pages, I should mention that has a mobile version. If I had an internet ready mobile phone, that would be a very cool way to keep track of blogs. Right now I'm thinking that I won't bother with a cell phone or a new PDA until the merger of those gadget types is complete. Current phones aren't PDAish enough for me, and most PDAs really aren't phone-y enough just yet.

Mobile version

I fixed the mobile version of this site. If you have an internet phone or PDA, point your browser to



Mike and I just finished a few games of Starcraft. I installed Win98 on one of the old computers I have so we could play some games. I installed Gunbound, but the graphics card (4 MB) in this thing is too puny. Starcraft works fine on the computer and on my network. It is such a great game. Even though it's been around for a while, I think it's still one of my favorite strategy games. When we first got Ethernet in the dorms at Truman we used to play this game until my eyes hurt.

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