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Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Source?

Here's an article that was pointed out to me by my friend Matt: GNU Believers. The article has links to several Linux apps that could save churches lots of money. There are a couple of free replacements for Song Show Plus (song lyric projection), a free Bible-study program and a member database program (which would replace some very expensive proprietary apps). I also know of a few Linux video editing programs. If these programs would work, then I think a church like ours could make a successful migration to Linux (unless I'm forgetting something).

Public domain photos

If you need stock photos, then this is the best site I've found: It has tons of great photos and they're free for non-commercial use. But this site might be very useful, too: There aren't as many pictures, but what they have is public domain, so you can use it for anything, even commercial purposes.

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Skype is good

Skype works great. The audio quality was better than I expected. The program was very easy to set up. If you've got fast internet, download it and let me know. Brendan and I want to try a conference call before he leaves.


Since Brendan is leaving for China soon we're testing out Skype, the p2p phone program. We'll be able to call China for free. I'm registered as 'dannysaraemma' and he's 'brendoman.' Use the link above if you want to install the program and join the fun. I'll post more once we've actually tested Skype.

Must. Have. Wireless.

I haven't made any major tech purchases recently. I've been slowly gathering old computer stuff for my little Linux playground, but now I have an idea for my next purchase: A Secure Digital wi-fi adapter card for my Pocket PC. It would put the internet in my hand at home and work. I can also get it with 256 MB of memory. I started thinking about this when I read that there is a Pocket PC version of Skype. I could use my PDA as a phone. How cool is that? Doug was telling me that he uses his wireless adapter to stream music to his PDA. I know I don't have the money for this now, but it's fun to dream.

Postnuke, self-hosted :: personman's postnuke playground - After some work I have a Postnuke site running on my Fedora box. It has been a good exercise in learning how to work with Apache, MySQL and php. I'm also trying to install Movable Type and phpBB2, but with less success. If any Linux geeks read this maybe they can recommend some more projects for me. Should I set up webmin? An email server? Jabber (like Brendon)?
Wordpress? Koha is on my list, but I need some practice first.

W3rd to your m0m

I finally figured out how to use my Linbox as a web server. Behold:

20 Questions against a computer

Play 20 questions against a computer. It's pretty good. I played twice and it got both 'dog' and 'file cabinet' just by asking me questions about it. I'm actually a little frightened.

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Protect your computer

I know I've said this before, but it's worth repeating now that I've got some friends plagued with the latest worms: Run Windows update on your computer! If there are critical updates, then install them. Don't worry about the other types of updates (Windows XP and Drivers), but get those security updates. People are finding new security flaws in MS Windows every week. Anti-virus software is also a good idea. It looks like some of the newer worms actually block your access to anti-virus sites and Windows Update, so prevention is a lot easier than trying to get rid of something. And of course, don't open email attachments unless you know exactly what they are. Ok, I'll get off of my soapbox now.


What the font. This could be useful. You upload an image file containing some text and this site will show you the fonts that match it the closest. It gives links where you can download or buy the font.

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