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New websites

09/06/04 | by [mail] | Categories: computer/tech

prsnmn.hopto.org, my Linux webserver, has two new sites.

Gallery. This is a very cool image CMS that was recommended to me by Brendon of TechFreak.net. I've got some pictures of Emma. You can view them as a slide show, leave comments and even order prints from 3rd party digital print sites. The prices aren't too bad. I can have people create user accounts so they can create their own albums. You can get an RSS feed of my gallery, too. If you're interested in playing around with this let me know.

Personman's PostNuke Playground version 0.750. This is the newest version of PostNuke. I think the mailer is working now, so if you want to create a user account, go ahead. Happy surfing. If anyone can think of other things to try on my server, let me know. I'm learning a lot and maybe some of these skills will help me get a job.


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