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and then there were four

08/18/03 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal

I regret to inform you that one of our fish died. He (or she) has now gone to that great aquarium in the sky. Actually, it just got flushed. The other four fish seem to be doing just fine. I actually felt pretty sad for a while. We were afraid Emma might be upset, but she originally thought there were six fish and she still thinks there are six fish. I think that's mainly because she can't count. But she does like to say her numbers. She can go all the way up to ten. It's my day off and I should be mowing my yard, but a) it's going to be 103 degrees today and 2) I went outside for about 2 minutes earlier and I spent the next 40 minutes sneezing violently. The pollen count must be off the charts today. Au revoir!



bad omen 3
Fergusons,i hate to tell you this, but i think it was the Sprite that killed the fish. i hope you haven’t been drinking it.-peteri hear you on the allergies. mine are terrible. it’s pretty miserable on top of the scorching heat. it rained a little today, but it didn’t help much. Sorry about your fish….

brendoman [Visitor]08/19/03 @ 14:51

bad omen 2
Fergusons,i hate to tell you this, but i don’t think this is over yet. more fish will die before Emma learns to count.-peter

pudgethecat [Visitor]08/19/03 @ 18:23

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