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We pushed our luck pretty hard when I was a writer for my high school paper, The Drumbeats, but I heard that today the paper was actually shut down. An administrator didn't like some of the recent content and decided to put an end to it. It was… more »

Will TiVo go the way of the dodo?

This article (and this one) are making the very sad prediction that TiVo's days are numbered. This is the device that set the standard for DVRs. I don't understand why they can't make any money. Their product/service is a beautiful thing. I hope the… more »


Sorry if you couldn't post comments for a while. We were all locked out of the directory that keeps the important interactive files for the site. It looks like everything is working again now. more »

Art Appreciation

The typical evangelical Christian attends church services regularly, has regular Bible reading and prayer times and serves his fellow man in some capacity. Some read books to enhance their walk with Christ; ambitious Christians even dabble in the… more »

My parents' new computer

After work on Saturday I went over to work on my parents' computer. It's 3-4 years old and it's been having some problems. Dad tried to repair windows with the install cd and it wasn't booting. We fixed that, but since it runs very slow and the video… more »


Last night I made my second php script. I'm calling it ls2rss. It reads the contents of a directory on a webserver and publishes it as an rss feed. If you want to look it over or use it on your site, then download the zip file and give it a try. I'd… more »

LAN party pictures

Gallery :: 2004 November - Here are some images from the LAN party. I thought my buddy Tim would appreciate the Starcraft scores. He taught me everything I know. I also threw in some Halloween pictures from princess Emma. more »


More from my Gmail inbox: Respected Sir, I am student and require a gmail account because i love to see the gmail. Please send me the invitation email. God knows when we Google will open up this service to users. Hope you understand my… more »

G4 emails me

This was in my inbox this week in response to all the email I sent to G4TechTV: Dear Concerned Viewer, Thank you for getting in touch with us and sharing your concerns regarding "The Screen Savers." We appreciate your thoughts… more »

LAN party

The LAN party is still going after 10 hours. It's been fun, we've had 9 different players. I'll post some pictures later. more »

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