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Will TiVo go the way of the dodo?

11/30/04 | by [mail] | Categories: culture/news

This article (and this one) are making the very sad prediction that TiVo's days are numbered. This is the device that set the standard for DVRs. I don't understand why they can't make any money. Their product/service is a beautiful thing. I hope the company lasts at least until I switch from DirectTV or my TiVo dies. I know my next DVR will integrate better with my computer network. I want to be able to record a Simpsons episode and then send it to Brendan in China. There's no reason for that to be illegal or impractical.



The slate article lost some credibility when it went into the TiVo vs. DVD recorder territory. People don’t care what is in the TiVo, but they like that unlike a VCR, you don’t have to swap media in and out of it. However, I think people will be less pleased in the future with the inability to do digital dumps from the TiVo to a dvd or computer easily. Of course, supposedly they’re working on it.

I think it’s funny too that so many people are focusing on the DirectTV/TiVo fallout, with mention of cable companies offering non-TiVo DVRs getting second billing. That alone is what will kill TiVo. Aren’t there like 3x as many cable subscribers in the US than satellite? Not even all those satellite users are DirectTV. And how does somebody write a future-of-the-DVR article and not once mention HDTV? The next big TV upgrade for many americans is HDTV, how is TiVo prepared to handle that affordably? Hrm.

Brendon [Visitor]http://www.techfreak.net11/30/04 @ 17:09

Oh, and one more thing, I adore my TiVo

Brendon [Visitor]http://www.techfreak.net11/30/04 @ 17:12

I want something like that so freaking bad

We have mediacom cable and I am wanting to look into what they offer…

and the “digital dump” thing is very important for me.

Henry [Visitor]http://honzo.brendoman.com11/30/04 @ 20:27

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