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Message board

To whom it may concern,If anyone was interested in reading the discussion board I was in at the Mt. Juliet Church of Christ, you may know that the topic was locked and then deleted. I managed to save the thread after it got locked, but before it was… more »

Rock the Light

The concert last night was awesome. I have never seen it rain for so long. In fact, it's still raining outside now, a day later. Soggy though I was, I really enjoyed the show. My favorites were Superchic[k] and Reliant K. Anyone else want to say… more »


Have you, like me, spent the last several months thinking that it's been too long since there's been a good Christian rock opera? If so then you'll be glad to hear about !Hero, a modern retelling of the story of Jesus set in near-future New York and… more »

CD Library

The Adrian Christian Church CD Library just got a new batch of discs. Without further ado . . . (why doesn't anyone ever say "With further ado"?)Dave Lubben: A Place Called Surrender (a worship CD)Pump'D (a mix CD for getting pumped up for a… more »

We'll make it better the second time around --Theme to "Step By Step"

Our last two fish died yesterday so I drained the tank and bathed everything in scalding water to kill the vicious little parasites. I refilled it and now I'm planning on getting some tougher fish, like Black Mollies or Guppies. Sure, those names… more »

3 - 1 = :-( or Another one bites the bright red plastic-coated aquarium gravel

I thought that keeping fish was supposed to be good for your mental health, but I'm finding it depressing. Sixty percent of our fish have died. Dr. Kevorkian had a better survival rate with his patients than that. I realize now that neon tetras were… more »

Eek! We've got the ICH!

Our three remaining Neon Tetras have come down with a case of the ich (a.k.a. ick, white spot, Ichthyophthirius). We've been treating them with some Quick Cure loaned to us by Kelly Talley and they're getting somewhat better. This will probably delay… more »

Rock the Light

There's a big phat Christian Rock festival at Starlight next Saturday (8-30-03). Be there or be square. Rock the Light IV will feature Audio Adrenaline, Sonicflood, Reliant K, Superchic[k], Rachel Lampa and Souljahz. The cost is $25 at the gate.… more »

The freshman

Sara and I spent yesterday helping Erin to move into her dorm at NMSU, Maryville. We had a fun trip and Erin did a great job of handling the whole experience. The school provides a computer for each room. Since it has blazing fast internet (as high… more »


I don't think I've yet posted a link to Brandon's livejournal: . Brandon is good friend from Truman and he's now employed as a campus minister at Kearney, NE. more »

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