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08/27/03 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal

Our last two fish died yesterday so I drained the tank and bathed everything in scalding water to kill the vicious little parasites. I refilled it and now I'm planning on getting some tougher fish, like Black Mollies or Guppies. Sure, those names don't sound tough, but trust me, you wouldn't want to meet these fish in a dark alley . . . or any kind of alley . . . or anyplace dark. So once we get the new fish I wouldn't recommend trying to rob our house. Up until that point, however, please feel free to steal my stuff without fear.



Mollies rock! I have a dalmation mollie (to match the dog) and she keeps poopin’ out babies. I bought three to start with. Two died. The only surviving member now has about 20 babies. Go with the mollies.Fenton

anonymous [Visitor]08/27/03 @ 16:18

Re: Fish
Thanks for the tip Fenton. Everyone, meet my uncle Fenton. He’s a fish expert.

dan_acc [Visitor]08/27/03 @ 18:48

Re: Fish
great! i’ve been waiting to meet a fish expert.here’s my question: how do you keep your feet from smelling like cod?-putrid in Pasadena

pudgethecat [Visitor]08/28/03 @ 15:58

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