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Skeletons from my closet

Some of you may already know that I haven't always been a member of Adrian Christian Church. I grew up in a church that is somewhat different, viz., the Church of Christ. The main distinction is that the coC does not use any instruments during their… more »

Check out my trophy

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the beast

Here's a picture of Emma tonight. She?s getting more fun every day. She?s growing up: learning more words, showing more love and, as you can see, developing her full potential for really bad hair. Her little personality is getting more complex.… more »

A very useful website

Do you wish you had a Bible on your computer that you could use to search word, compare translations and copy and paste text? Most decent Bible programs cost over $200. You can get a lot of the same features using a free website called Bible Gateway.… more »

No call list

My friend Brendan was just telling me that the telephone woke him up at 7 am this morning . . . and it was a telemarketer! We promptly enrolled him on the Missouri no call list. If you don't like getting calls from telemarketers, then I recommend… more »

What is a blog?

If this is your first time visiting this site you may have a few questions.Q: What is a blog?A: Blog is short for web-log. Its a type of website where one person posts messages and others can read them, post comments, then read other peoples comments… more »

New CDs

The ACC cd library just received a new shipment of music. Here's what we got:Newsboys: AdorationApologetix: Grace PeriodStacie Orrico: Stacie OrricoThird Day: Offerings IIKJ-52: Collaborations DVDAnberlin: Blueprints for the Black MarketThe Cross… more »

Deleted Scene 2: Book of Common Prayer

One thing I didn?t talk about Sunday morning was a practical way to incorporate the Psalms into your prayers. There is an ancient method for doing this that is becoming more popular among Christians today. It?s called the Daily Office or the Book of… more »

Deleted Scene1: The saddest Psalm

This morning I said that all of the Lament Psalms end with an expression of trust except for one. The one that doesn't is Psalm 88. The closing line of the Psalm is " the darkness is my closest friend." Read the Psalm and then come back and we can… more »