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Skeletons from my closet

06/27/03 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal

Some of you may already know that I haven't always been a member of Adrian Christian Church. I grew up in a church that is somewhat different, viz., the Church of Christ. The main distinction is that the coC does not use any instruments during their worship service. This in itself is no problem as far as I'm concerned, because I don't think the Bible says we must or must not have a guitar or organ or accordian, etc. The problem comes when people in one group tell people in another group that they're all going to hell because they don't share the same opinion on a matter that the Bible leaves up in the air. I've spent a lot of time thinking about the reasons that my old church has for believing what it does and recently I've stumbled upon a coC discussion board (by a church in TN). I've found a friendly young man to discuss these things with and we've been bouncing around our ideas for almost a week now. If you want to read the discussion, here's the link: Mt. Juliet COC Discussion Board: Instruments?If you read the thread and have thoughts or even if you just have question about the issue, then post a comment back here and we can all talk about it.


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That’s a great picture! Glad to hear you guys made it safe. Hope you’re having fun. I am!I finally put my two cents up on the board. There’s a message from a Jeff person from coC. One part he talks about a Gal. 6 20-25 or something, but I don’t have those verses in my NIV… why? He is also bringing up the defense against Tim’s reply saying that the OT Law is gone ‘cause it was nailed to the cross. I didn’t want to put anything up against him on the board, because I don’t have a solid defense or anything, but what do you think about Mat. 5:17 about Jesus fulfilling the law not abolishing it? Maria

anonymous [Visitor]07/15/03 @ 04:17

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