RIS (Rest in Sewage)

fishbonesI regret to report that one of my fish has died. She was a female platy that would have been delivering babies any day now. The stress of the pregnancy, combined with poor tank conditions and the fact that one of the swordtails kept taking bites out of her tail, finally got to her. I tried to get some help on Tropical Fish Forum, but it was too late. You can read the sad thread here.

Japanese phrases you need to know

Kazoku sorrote no seppuku ga yokatta.I loved the part where the whole family disemboweled themselves.Nihonshoku o tabesukete inai yabanjin desu.I am too barbaric to eat a Japanese breakfast.Ebi no idaina saigo desu!How honorably shrimp struggle as they choke to death!If you like these, read some more.ps. This is a legitimate part of my research for a sermon.

Music downloads: $0.99 per track

I'm downloading my first song from MusicMatch's new legal download service. Like Apple iTunes, you can dl individual tracks for a buck and burn them to a cd or listen to them on your computer. This is all totally legal and it's a pretty cheap way to get some new music. It's free to download the latest version of MusicMatch Jukebox and it's free to create an account for the downloading service. Then you're just charged $0.99 per song. My song is now at 13%. I'll have more later when I decide if this was worth it.

Emma makes me laugh

Last week we went to Applebee's for lunch and when Emma saw the sign she said, "Apple-poopies." She can say it right, but it just came out that way. Funny

The things TV teaches us

First of all, I think my sermon turned out alright this morning. Later on I'll post some recommendations for futher study in the subject of the Christian worldview, but first I need to tell you about something cool I saw this morning.We meet at the church at 7:30 am on Sundays to pray before the 8:00 service and this morning I was ready to go by about 7:10, so I thought I would flip on the TV. I stopped at TV Land because Happy Days was on, but as soon as it came up I saw a youthful Robin Williams, dressed up as Mork. When I was younger I used to watch Happy Days and Mork & Mindy, but I never knew that there had been a crossover episode. I sat enthralled for the next 20 minutes as Mork threatened to take Ritchie with him to Ork, Fonzie defended him, they proceeded to duel with their magical powers, Mork won, Mork decided to take the Fonz home instead and then Ritchie woke up and it was all a dream.Well, I did some research and (as I assumed) Mork & Mindy was a spinoff of Happy days (I probably should have known this, but I wasn't born until 1980). The bit on Happy Days was one of Robin William's first big acting jobs and the character was so popular that it spun off into a fun (but short-lived) series. I also found out that Laverne & Shirley was also a spinoff of Happy Days. And there was a crossover episode with the two spinoffs! In my research I found an interesting site. The Crossover and Spinoff List has all the goods on how your favorite shows have interacted. I finally found the name of the Married with Children spinoff that I had been trying to think of. I've tried to tell people about it before and they didn't believe me. Now I have proof.If only all days were as education as this one.

This is why we won the Revolutionary War

Some guy in England is trying to sell an air guitar on ebay.

Free IQ test

I took a free IQ test here. It was pretty fun.

new pets that we can't pet

On Tuesday we brought home some new pets for our aquarium. We got 8 ghost shrimp. I like these because 1) they're wierd, 2) they totally freak me out, 3) they eat debris from the bottom of the tank, 4) they're bodies are transparent, so you can see their organs wiggling around inside, and 5) they only cost $0.26 each. We also got one small plecostomus, which should keep the algae in the tank under control (and it could get to be pretty huge, this type of fish can be up to 26 inches if they live in a big enough tank.) Also, I swear that I saw a baby fish (fry), but no one believes me. It probably got eaten right after I saw it. So, in conclusion, our fish may or may not be pregnant, the ghost shrimp are cool, and the plecostomus sucks.


Well, work is coming along on my message for Sunday. I'll post some extra info later about recommended books and web sites. Also, I just installed Open Office, a free replacement for Microsoft Office. So far, it seems to be working ok. I'll have more once I've put it through some more tests.

Personality quiz

I took a quiz to see which operating system I am most like.You are Palm OS. Punctual, straightforward and very useful.  Your mother wants you to do more with your life like your cousin Wince, but you're happy with who you are.

are You?

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