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new pets that we can't pet

10/02/03 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal

On Tuesday we brought home some new pets for our aquarium. We got 8 ghost shrimp. I like these because 1) they're wierd, 2) they totally freak me out, 3) they eat debris from the bottom of the tank, 4) they're bodies are transparent, so you can see their organs wiggling around inside, and 5) they only cost $0.26 each. We also got one small plecostomus, which should keep the algae in the tank under control (and it could get to be pretty huge, this type of fish can be up to 26 inches if they live in a big enough tank.) Also, I swear that I saw a baby fish (fry), but no one believes me. It probably got eaten right after I saw it. So, in conclusion, our fish may or may not be pregnant, the ghost shrimp are cool, and the plecostomus sucks.



sneaky fish
I had a big plecostomus when I was in college. He staged a tank brake while I was gone. I found him the next day next to the tank all dried and hard. Keep an eye on that one.Matt

anonymous [Visitor]10/08/03 @ 08:49

me too!
My fish just went missing. exsept I could not find mine. ( I think my cat ate him)

anonymous [Visitor]10/23/03 @ 15:08

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