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Here are a few things that have been going on here:I'm still waiting for my accordion. It should be here any day now. I did get my method book in the mail this morning.I've set up a new aquarium. I'm about to get my first one (29 gallons) under control and I think I'll do better with this second one (10 g). I'm still learning some JavaScript. Click here to see some of what I've been learning.


I've been trying to recover from the last three weeks of sermon preps by taking this week a little easy. Sara, Emma and I went to the library yesterday. I looked at the stack of books that I picked out and there were two books on woodworking (we want some new bookshelves), one book on learning to read music for the guitar, and one book on designing web pages. I realized at this point that I was going through learning withdrawl. After cramming so much new stuff into my brain over the last month I've become addicted. This is bad. I've tried to curb it by watching television, but I just keep turning the channel to NASA, A & E, or the History Channel. Oh well. Click here to see a mad-lib I made using JavaScript.

Wordviews: Recommendations for further study

I just finished a sermon series on worldviews. I talked about Christianity and how it compares to naturalism and pantheism. Here are three books that might help you if you're interested in learning more about this. Leave a comment if you find this helpful and if people are interested I'll post some more ideas.How Now Shall We Live by Chuck Colson and Nancy PearcyThis is a good introduction to thinking in terms of worldviews. It's long book, but it's a pretty easy read. This is where I first learned about the three worldview questions: (Where did we come from? What's wrong with the world? and What can be done to fix it?) They talk about several different worldviews and they use lots of stories to illustrate their points.The Universe Next Door by James W. SireThe subtitle of this book is "A Basic Worldview Catalog." It has chapters on Theism, Deism, Naturalism, Nihilism, Existentialism, Eastern Pantheistic Monism, the New Age and Postmodernism. As you might suspect from all these 'isms,' this book is a little more academic. Check it out if you're feeling brave or if you need some in-depth information on a specific worldview.The God Who is There by Fancis A. SchaefferThis was one of the first books I read when I was starting to get some of the intellectual underpinnings of my faith. It starts out with a bunch of history, which is hard at first, but by the middle of the book it starts to pay off as he ties things together. This book, along with Escape from Reason, and He isThere and He is Not Silent make up Schaeffer's trilogy on Christianity in western civilization. He's got several other books, too. I found his complete works (five volumes, about 20 books) for $40 on Half.com.

New toy

Last night I bid on an accordion at E-bay. I ended up winning the bid for $46, which is pretty good for a working accordion. I haven't heard from the seller yet, but it should be fun once I get it. Now I can try to be like my favorite band.This was my first purchase from E-bay. I'm a long-time internet shopper, but I've just never bothered with the auction scene. It was actually pretty fun.

Take this, telemarketers.

Hello?Last night Emma (1 year, 9 months, 17 days old) was out of bed about an hour after she was supposed to be asleep. While we were all standing in the kitchen, we had this conversation.Danny: What are you doing?Emma: I'm pooping.Danny: Do you want to poop in the potty?Emma: Nooooooo.Sara: Do you want to poop in the big potty (toilet)?Emma: Noooooo.Danny: Do you want to poop in your pants?Emma: Noooooo.Danny: Where do you want to poop?Emma: Poop in the . . . phone.

Prince goes door-knocking

Minneapolis, MI - Proselytizing for Jehovah's Witnesses during last Sunday's Vikings game wasn't the smoothest call Prince has ever made. An Eden Prairie woman, who prefers to be identified only as Rochelle, said, "Door bell rings. My husband runs upstairs and says, 'Prince is at the door!' I said, 'No way.' " [more]

Buddhist comedian

PACIFIC PALISADES, Calif. — What is the sound of no hands clapping? It's a Zen koan worth contemplating as Wes Nisker works the crowd on the stark bare stage at a park lodge here where L.A. Dharma, a Buddhist meditation group, is host to, of all things, a night of comedy. [more]Once again, this really is a part of legitimate research for a message I'm giving Sunday on eastern worldviews in our culture.

This is the funniest thing I've seen in at least a week. Dave Barry wrote an article about the National Do Not Call List:Ask not what telemarketers can do to you. Then because of some crazy things that happened, he wrote this follow-up:So what's their hang-up?This second article is sweet irony. Stick it to 'em, Dave!

Windows Messenger Service ads

This morning when I sat down at my computer there where two MS windows alert boxes open. The window title said "Messenger Service." They looked like legitimate error messages until I read the text. They were both ads for online scams. I googled the phrase and found a page with instructions for diabling this stupid feature of Microsoft Windows. Apparently your computer comes out of the box with the ability for anyone on the internet to send you one of these messages. Linux looks better and better all of the time.

Postscript to Steven Turner's "Creed"

In my sermon Sunday I included a poem by Steve Turner called "Creed." It's a satirical postmodern creed illustrating some of the absurdity of naturalistic worldviews. Below is a postscript for that poem, also written by Turner, as heard on a Ravi Zacharias mp3.If chance be the father of all flesh,disaster is his rainbow in the sky.And when you hear "State of emergency,sniper kills ten, troops on a rampage, youths go looting, bomb blasts school,"it is but the sound of man worshipping his maker.

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