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Wordviews: Recommendations for further study

10/21/03 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal

I just finished a sermon series on worldviews. I talked about Christianity and how it compares to naturalism and pantheism. Here are three books that might help you if you're interested in learning more about this. Leave a comment if you find this helpful and if people are interested I'll post some more ideas.How Now Shall We Live by Chuck Colson and Nancy PearcyThis is a good introduction to thinking in terms of worldviews. It's long book, but it's a pretty easy read. This is where I first learned about the three worldview questions: (Where did we come from? What's wrong with the world? and What can be done to fix it?) They talk about several different worldviews and they use lots of stories to illustrate their points.The Universe Next Door by James W. SireThe subtitle of this book is "A Basic Worldview Catalog." It has chapters on Theism, Deism, Naturalism, Nihilism, Existentialism, Eastern Pantheistic Monism, the New Age and Postmodernism. As you might suspect from all these 'isms,' this book is a little more academic. Check it out if you're feeling brave or if you need some in-depth information on a specific worldview.The God Who is There by Fancis A. SchaefferThis was one of the first books I read when I was starting to get some of the intellectual underpinnings of my faith. It starts out with a bunch of history, which is hard at first, but by the middle of the book it starts to pay off as he ties things together. This book, along with Escape from Reason, and He isThere and He is Not Silent make up Schaeffer's trilogy on Christianity in western civilization. He's got several other books, too. I found his complete works (five volumes, about 20 books) for $40 on Half.com.


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