Game session report

Last night we had my parents and sister over for dinner. Jenny's boyfriend Casey came later and once we could tear Dad away from the History Channel we played a couple of board games.

Banana Republic
This is a card game where you try to bribe some politicians and get the most votes. The winner becomes the president of the republic. You can also play killer cards on a stack and try to off an elector so no one gets the vote. Up until last night, Mom had never lost this game. Here are the final votes:

66 Diane
24 Casey
18 Jim
0 Sara
0 Danny

Tikal is a tile-placing, piece-moving, board-exploring, treasure-collecting kind of game. It won the Spiel des Jahres in 1999. Casey jumped to an early lead and spent his time building up a temple to level 10, which I promptly took over and put a guard on, giving me those points for the rest of the game. Then he tried to poach two of Jenny's temples, which she had built up to 8 and 9 repectively, but she put a guard on those and stranded his players. Nice work, Jenny. Final scores:
172 Danny
112 Jenny
106 Casey

New game: Ticket to Ride

I just ordered a new board game. Matt has got me into German board games and I thought it was time to have one of my own. Ticket to Ride won the Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) for 2004. And it's supposed to be good for beginning gamers (read: non-geeks). By all accounts it's a very fun game and I'm looking forward to playing it. I found it for a good price at an eBay store called Clarified Games. And shipping was only $5, which is very cheap for eBay. - Google is now indexing transcripts on TV shows. The search results include images from the show (no video yet). So far it looks like it doesn't actually have full transcripts. For example, last night's Everwood only has two paragraphs of text. This is still in beta, though. Yahoo has a video search, but it seems more like It just searches within regular web pages for video clips. is another option, and it also searches for video, not for text within television programs. If I were searching for a video clip, I would use one of the latter two, but if I were looking for some infomation that I think was on TV, I would go with Google.

(via CNET

Really Slick Screen Savers

Really Slick Screen Savers - Here are some nice screen savers. Skyrocket is what I'm using now. So pretty.

Decroded piece of crap!

Here's a pretty good Napoleon Dynamite soundboard. A couple of observations are in order.

  1. Decroded or decroted? Either way I don't think it's a real word.
  2. When I searched google for "decroded piece of crap," this was the fifth result.
  3. Sara loved this movie when she saw it in the theater, which was long before it was as popular as it is now.
  4. My lips hurt real bad.
  5. Update:
  6. Decroded @
  7. Decroded @

Mike's pictures

My brother Mike finally added some pictures to his gallery.

Now in German: Mein Bruder fügte Mike schließlich einige Abbildungen seiner Galerie hinzu.

Now in Dutch: Mijn broer Mike voegde definitief sommige beelden aan zijn galerij toe.

We're racing for the title of champion of the universe

Rally Trophy - Nice work by Aulophobia tracking this flash game down. Build your own slot racing track then race against a computer or human opponent.

(via Sleepless Nights)

Imaginary friend for sale

I never had an imaginary friend, but if I did I don't think I would sell her on eBay for $0.99.

Links, get 'em while they're hot

If some old Jesus toast is worth tens of thousands, then how much would people pay for a Jesus-looking oyster shell? (via Linkfilter)

Bryan Berg: Cardstacker - Wow. The gallery is worth a look. (via Linkfilter)

A new blog: Mare's Mess.

A blog that's surprisingly entertaining.

The World's Oldest Blog.

Could Jon Stewart replace Dan Rather?

The Daily Sucker - From the maker of Web Pages That Suck. A new example of bad web design every day. My newest subscription in Bloglines.

Who is funding the massive campaign to convince people that privatizing Social Security is good?

That's all I've got.

Journalism's Vacation from the Truth

Conservative pundit Armstrong Williams recently admitted to taking money from the President to promote his policies. It's a good thing we have top-notch journalists at CNN's "Crossfire" who can get to the bottom of this and show the public how bad this is. Or maybe they can just lob softballs at him for half an hour and be part of his (and Bush's) damage control. Even the "from the left" guy on Crossfire went easy on him! Jon Stewart is proved right once again.

NEW YORK One day after Tucker Carlson, the co-host of CNN's "Crossfire," made his farewell appearance and two days after the network's new president made the admirable announcement that he would soon kill the program altogether, a television news miracle occurred: even as it staggered through its last steps to the network guillotine, "Crossfire" came up with the worst show in its 23-year history.

This was a half-hour of television so egregious that it makes Jon Stewart's famous pre-election rant seem, if anything, too kind. This time "Crossfire" was not just "hurting America," as Stewart put it, by turning news into a nonsensical gong show. It was unwittingly, or perhaps wittingly, complicit in the cover-up of a scandal.
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