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01/29/05 | by [mail] | Categories: culture/news

Earlier this week I came from work and there was a cat in our garage. It was hiding in some of our junk trying to stay warm. I hadn't seen it yet, but it was meowing a loud, sick, pathetic meow. I grabbed a broom and pried it out with the handle. I was expecting to pull out some nasty old disease-ridden cat, but it was a beautiful cat that was little more than a kitten. Suddenly we felt sorry for it and started talking about feeding it. But we moved it outside and shut the garage door so it could go find its home.

Last night we were hanging around playing games and some neighbor kids came up and knocked on our door. They said there was a cat outside under our car and they wondered if we had one missing. It was starting to snow.

Today we went outside and we could still hear that sad meowing. We asked my mom what she thought and she said that it probably didn't have a home. So we borrowed her flea shampoo and went and put the cat back in the garage and gave it some milk. While it drank the milk we went to the new Dollar General in Adrian and picked up some cat litter, food, scratch post and bed. We came home and gave it a bath.

Once it had dried off and calmed down my parents brought Emma over and introduced her to our new cat. They had been working on names. Here are some that Emma suggested and Jenny transcribed: Bracion, Phoner, Fecal-fecal, Nanovacal, Ripfrekal, Hippovekal, Skin and Handsome. But the name that Emma invented and stuck with is Bearsmicks. Check out the pictures in the Bearsmicks gallery.



You gave a cat a bath. You are the bravest person I know. I would need a blood transfusion.

Josh [Visitor]02/02/05 @ 12:47

You guys got a cat? I’ve got to start coming home more often! The cat looks like a keeper! See you guys soon!

Erin [Visitor]02/02/05 @ 15:13

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