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Worst church web site ever

03/17/04 | by [mail] | Categories: computer/tech

I'm still in the middle of getting the church web site ready. To get ideas, I've been reading a blog called Heal Your Church Web Site. Today it linked to The Mountain View Lutheran Church of Apache Junction, AZ, and explained why it was poorly designed. I've seen a lot of bad sites, but this one is . . . ugh . . . you'll just have to see it. It's a good example of what I'm trying not to do with the ACC site.



oh man. Banner ads, animated gifs, horrible layout. It’s like a 12 year old’s Geocities page but almost worse.

brendoman [Visitor]03/17/04 @ 11:50

Don’t forget image bloat, scrolling text (in IE), big ugly counter and the navigation links are below the fold. Guh!

danny [Visitor]http://danny.brendoman.com03/17/04 @ 12:26

and the color scheme is like a tie-dye t-shirt without the cool designs. as if roy g. biv himself picked out the shades.

so where are those pictures of the kid on the carousel?

mike [Visitor]03/17/04 @ 13:39

It burns! It BURNS!

Kidding aside, thanks for the link. Email me w/your church website once we’re done.

Don’t worry, I’m usually much kinder to volunteers … esp. if they avoide all the ‘deadly sins’ propagated by today’s example.

Mean Dean [Visitor]http://www.healyourchurchwebsite.com03/17/04 @ 15:04

I checked out the PostNuke site and it’s really looking good man. You do realize you need to delete or rename your index.html file in order for adriancc.org to point to your index.php file, right?

brendoman [Visitor]03/17/04 @ 23:21

Yes, I’m doing that on purpose so that people won’t be able to find it easily before it’s ready.

danny [Visitor]http://danny.brendoman.com03/18/04 @ 08:59

I kinda like the Mtn View Lutheran site…Whadaya talkin’ about? Don’t be so picky.

Greg [Visitor]04/25/04 @ 03:42

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