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11/20/07 | by [mail] | Categories: computer/tech

After months of talking about it and mentally converting various sums of money to the equivalent number of Wiis (1 iMac = 6 Wiis), I finally broke down and bought a Nintendo Wii. I picked up Wii Play and Super Mario Galaxy. We set it up last night and had a lot of fun. Sara destroyed me in tennis and bowling. Emma and I made Miis that look like us and I added the Check Mii Out channel and downloaded a few celebrity Miis. Ever wondered who would win in a boxing match between Chuck Norris and Jesus? If you have a Wii and want to exchange Wii # so we can send each other Miis, email me.


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I love the Wii but I have to say, I investigated online play after you brought it up and Nintendo has definitely failed to deliver so far on that. I think Mario Strikers is one of the only games so far to offer online play. I know they have future plans for Smash Brothers and Animal Crossing, but when it comes to online, 360 has them licked. That being said, I have had a blast playing the Wii and I definitely will buy one when Duncan’s is gone, but they are so hard to find now I don’t know when that will happen.

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