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Vanilla Ice + Tammy Fae + Scientology = TV

01/15/04 | by [mail] | Categories: culture/news

Faded rap star VANILLA ICE has become the latest celebrity to be drawn to the teachings of the Church of Scientology.

The ICE ICE BABY rapper, 35, joins a star-studded list of devotees - including TOM CRUISE, JOHN TRAVOLTA and LISA MARIE PRESLEY - and even enjoyed long discussions about the religion with former TV evangelist TAMMY FAYE MESSNER as they filmed their upcoming reality show THE SURREAL LIFE 2.

Messner says, "Vanilla Ice reminded me of my son; he called me Mom. He's into Scientology, and he and I had lots of discussions."
09/01/2004 19:34

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Man, Vanilla Ice is one wacky guy. My friend interviewed him like 5 years ago and he started talking about how we were created by aliens and some other nutty stuff.

brendoman [Visitor]http://brendoman.com01/15/04 @ 14:21

I just watched the surreal life on vH 1 it was the last show about 3 hours long and I; along with a friend and I,m sure millons of others who watched saw a side of Tammy that I wish I would have payed attention to a long time ago. I use to watch ptl but for the wrong reasons. When ptl was on tv it was a hard time for tv religon because of the exposiour of tanted men of God.
And some shisters that took advantage of people.
ButI learned more about her and Have the greatest respect for her. You go girl, I loved your hair at the end of the show. I hope to go see you in orlando soon. I;m in Winter Haven about 35-45 min. away. Thank you for opening my eyes./
Cynthia Martin
( raised Catholic, but I respect all denomonations)

CindyMartin [Visitor]07/09/04 @ 00:41

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