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Top Five Free Programs: #1

09/07/03 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal




Web browser




Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla 1.4

Web site:

Why You Should Switch to the Mozilla Firebird Browser


Download now (6.8MB)


I had a hard time deciding what would be #1 on this list. I had intended to make it the regular Mozilla Browser. I've been using Mozilla 1.4, but my friend Brendan (

) told me about a new Mozilla project called Firebird. It's faster, sleeker and more user friendly than Mozilla 1.4. Both of them are much better than Microsoft Internet Explorer, which is probably what most of you are using. Here are the things that Firebird does better than IE:

1. Pop-up blocking.
Everyone is annoyed by pop-up ads. With Firebird, they're history. You have total control over which sites you accept pop-ups from.

2. Tab-browsing
This is my favorite feature. It lets you have multiple browser windows without crowding up your taskbar. When you middle-click a link, it loads in a new tab. This adds a lot to your browsing speed.

3. Integrated Google search
The best search engine in the world, right on your toolbar.

Firebird loads quickly when you click on it and it also works well with Thunderbird (see below). If you don't download any other programs from this list, get Firebird. You'll thank me later.


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