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Tim Kaine

07/29/08 | by [mail] | Categories: culture/news

The DC speculators are convinced the Tim Kaine will be Obama's VP. Civil rights lawyer, law professor, new to high office (not a beltway insider). Sounds like a good fit. He's also pro-life, a Catholic and spent a year as a Christian missionary. That might help the ticket in some demographics. He was only elected governor in 2005, so that doesn't add a lot of experience to the ticket. My favorites are probably still Sebelius, Edwards and especially Richardson, but I think Kaine would be great.



Richardson would be good.

Sebelius would be good.

Edwards is old hat.

Clark definitely for sec. of state or def.

gringo [Visitor]07/30/08 @ 18:38

Kaine is pretty conservative.

As you already mentioned, he is pro-life, and he has also repealed the “estate tax,” he is opposed to stem cell research, he dropped support for universal Pre-K programs, he sided with business over environmentalists on energy issues, and has his share of homophobic comments.

On top of that, he is also a poor speaker and has moderate, at best, approval ratings in his home state.

The Spanish fluency is nice… but beyond that, I don’t really see the appeal.

dave [Visitor]07/31/08 @ 11:11

Tim Kaine, eh?

It seems as though that would anger a lot on the left, especially because it would put a moderate one heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Kaine’s against gay marriage, but he’s not homophobic.

As for his pro-life views, to me, that’s his ticket OFF the ticket. There’s no way that the Democratic Party would let that happen.

As for stem cell research, he’s all for it, as long has taxpayer money is not used for embryonic stem cell research.

greg [Visitor]08/01/08 @ 19:19

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