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The vacation

07/09/03 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal

After arriving in St. Louis on Wednesday afternoon we toured the Hudsons' lovely new house and settled in to our guest room. A big group of guys came to the Hudsons' Thursday night for Kevin's bachelor party. Friday night we watched fireworks by the river in downtown St. Charles. Kevin and Lauren's wedding was Saturday evening in Forrest Park at the World's Fair Pavillion. It was a great wedding and we got to see a bunch of our friend we haven't seen since last May. Sunday morning we went to church with Tim and Angie, and on Monday we took Emma to the zoo and to the Science Center. On Tuesday we rode the train home. It was a fun trip and we're glad to be back.


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Sorry man
It was late when i got back tonight, didnt want to call the house and take the chance of waking Emma, I will get ahold of you this weekend though. Promise.

coletrain [Visitor]07/11/03 @ 16:05

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