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The evils of Socialism

10/03/07 | by [mail] | Categories: culture/news

Today George Bush exercised his veto power for the fourth time in his presidency to stop a bill that would provide heath care to around 6 million children. He said the bill was too expensive and it could be the beginning of a shift to Socialized Medicine [cue the spooky music].

Good for him. It's about time someone stood up against the evils of Big Government Socialism. I look forward to seeing what he can do to deal with this problem in other areas as well:


America's children have been on the dole too long when it comes to education. It's time to cut the red tape. Bush should propose an initiative to cut all federal, state and local funding for schools. Private corporations can buy the school buildings and turn them into private schools. Rich people can send their kids to great schools, middle class students can have mediocre schools, and children whose parents can't afford private school tuition can find gainful employment at their local mine or factory.

Fire protection

Ever noticed how most fire engines are Red? Coincidence? Bush still has a year to privatize the nation's fire departments. There's no need to waste government money putting out every little fire that starts. Let people pay private firms and when a fire starts, the private FD can put out the blaze without going through any red tape (provided the homeowner has paid their fees). The poorest citizens won't have to worry about this change because they don't have homes to worry about.

Law enforcement

Right now we have socialized law enforcement. Police, judges and prison guards are all paid from the government treasury. This is a slippery slope toward Communism. What people need is choice. People should be free to maintain their own militia or bodyguards if they want protection from burglars and murderers. Once your bodyguard captures a bad guy, you can simply pay to have him placed in a nearby private prison. This could be a way for Walmart to produce more goods stateside. Those that can't afford their own protection or legal representation still have options. They can arm themselves, hide in a cave or move to a country with socialized police.

Road construction

Why do people feel entitled to roads? If Bush really wants to fight the dangers of Socialism, he'll move to privatize roads and highways. Every road will be a toll road and/or lined with billboards. But it's a small price to pay to know that we're doing it the capitalist way.


Bush has already made great strides toward privatizing the military, but there's more work to be done. Sure, we have 20,000 to 100,000 armed contractors in Iraq now, but why not disband the entire Department of Defense and contract the whole thing out to Blackwater? A private company can do the job cheaper and won't be bound by international treaties and quaint conventions. Perhaps one of the possible successors to George Bush will be able to see this plan through. Mitt Romney has already brought a Blackwater vice chairman on board as his national security advisor.

Mr. President, there will be many more socialist bills crossing your desk between now and that sad day when someone else becomes the decider. I look forward to seeing you fight for our capitalist way of life.



This made me think of the book Jennifer Government.

[Member]  http://www.brendoman.com/andrew10/04/07 @ 00:15

Imagine if law enforcement or fire department was run at the federal level… how long would it take to get an ambulance if operated by the government? What about a non-life threatening call to the Police, I wonder what the response time and service level would be. I wonder about the follow up. And don’t forget, I wonder what a federally run police/fire/emt service would COST!

Imagine if the federal government ran a Pizza Hut, would you really expect to receive the pizza in under 30 minutes, or at anything close to market rates?

Heck, the US Senate’s Government operated cafeteria has lost 18 million dollars (a cafeteria, yes!) since 2000, and only made money 7 out of the last 44 years. Senate members are quoted as stating the cafeteria is an embarassment and they would never take a guest, yet they continue to fund it.

When the federal government demonstrates it’s efficiency so dramatically on a host of issues (whether it’s those above or more serious issues like Katrina, 9/11, or WMD’s in Iraq prior to invading them, why give the federal government one ounce of control over what happens locally? If socialism works, then the FED should run all of these things… maybe they can also replace my alarm clock with a government run ‘wake up call’.

Imagine if the federal governement determined if the street connecting your house to the park needed a sidewalk (and scheduled it as they saw fit), or whether your school would have a music program, or whether your child was allowed to take extra classes for college credit. Why would you want that?

In a socialist medical system, imagine the waiting for various procedures (see Canada), if of course you qualify to receive the procedure at all (again, see Canada).

I do not believe we should depend upon the government any more than is needed for their basic constitutional obligation to defend this country from attack and keep the basic checks of government in tact. The founders considered the federal government a necessary evil, and went to great lengths to limit its power… we’ve just been ignoring that foresight the last 100 years or so.

IMO, all issues that can be delegated to the states (or local municipalities) SHOULD be. This is to keep power and governance in control of the people, instead of politicians in Washington DC pandering for re-election.

I’ve seen first hand what has come of federal funding of many of these *much needed* civil services… frequent if not constant squandering of $$$. Now I’m not stating that the states are perfect, nor are cities, or even townships, but I will always go for local control over federal management/mandates/bureaucracy.

Why do you think we need federal funding for roads, schools, fire departments, etc? Who’s money is it anyways? It’s YOUR money, not the government. Reduce the government footprint, reduce taxes, and then YOU’ll have the power to see your fire / police / roads / schools run the way you want, b/c at he local level the people maintain much more control.

What has happened to medical costs since the government got involved in healthcare? What happened when they placed mandates on insurance companies? Outside of healthcare, what happens when they mandate companies to insure homes in high risk areas… what happens to the prices?

I agree we need a federal government for national defense and basic governance duties, but beyond that, please show me something they can do more efficiently than local government or the private sector.

Sorry, I see socialism as a bad investment.

Kevin [Visitor]http://www.manicmelon.com06/23/08 @ 08:20

I agree we need a federal government for national defense and basic governance duties, but beyond that, please show me something they can do more efficiently than local government or the private sector.

admin [Visitor]09/17/10 @ 22:57

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