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04/23/05 | by [mail] | Categories: computer/tech

After going 5 days without posting last week I decided that I needed some way to find new stuff to talk about. Brendan has been using Stumbleupon for years now, so I thought I would try that. Basically, you sign up and download a toolbar for Firefox (other browsers are supported, but why would you use another browser?). When you sign up you tell them some of the things you're interested in. On the toolbar there's a button marked "Stumble!" Click it to get a random page from your chosen categories. The toolbar also has thumbs up and thumbs down buttons, so when you're on any web page (whether you stumbled to it or not) you can give it a positive or negative rating. It's a good time waster because you can keep clicking Stumble! until you find something interesting. You get a profile page (mine, Brendan's) that shows what you've said about pages you rate and it shows links to the pages that you liked. It also creates an RSS feed of links that you like. That way your friends can see what kinds of things you're stumbling upon. I included my feed here on Danny's Blog Cabin. You can see it on the right under the heading "Recent Stumbles." So, even if you don't decide to sign up, you can come here when you're bored and find some fun links.


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