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Spreading Ubuntu

12/31/04 | by [mail] | Categories: computer/tech

I was talking with a bank customer and he asked me what operating system I used at home. I told him that I use Ubuntu Linux at the moment. He said he found a deal for Windows XP pro for $160. I reached into my drawer and pulled out one of the cds that Ubuntu gave it to him. He said he had tried Redhat and Mandrake before, but had problems getting it to work with his hardware. He said he would give Ubuntu a try. I was so excited to learn that I'm not the only Linux user in town. Maybe we can start our own Adrian LUG.


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I just booted a computer with Ubuntu and had the whole system freeze three seperate times while looking through screensavers. I was sad.

xkcd [Visitor]http://www.xkcd.com06/04/05 @ 01:13

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