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Screencast: Install b2evolution

01/18/08 | by [mail] | Categories: b2evolution

I made the video below to show how to install b2evolution in under 5 minutes.


If you have ideas for other video tutorials, please leave a comment.



Just a quick note to say thanks, I watched your video on how to install B2evo and found it very easy to follow and successfully installed a blog on a server.

The blog I have now was installed by a mate of mine (Yabba), if only I had known it was that easy, I wouldn’t of paid him £50 to install it for me !!!!!! (Just kidding, everything I know about web coding he has taught me FOR FREE ;)).

Anyway, keep up the good work with the vids, they are really helpful.


Gary [Visitor]  http://www.garysblog.co.uk01/23/08 @ 02:56
[Member]  http://www.brendoman.com/01/23/08 @ 05:13

Hi there
Not sure really, I would love someone to make a plugin for putting a random photo from a folder on the server or from a post in my sidebar.

Please bear in mind that I am no expert on coding like you guys !

Happy Bloginng,


PS I like your fish video, funny as I work in a aquatics shop in the UK ;)

Gary [Visitor]  http://www.garysblog.co.uk01/23/08 @ 07:05

Sorry that should of been ‘Happy Blogging’

Gary (V2.3) [Visitor]  http://www.garysblog.co.uk01/23/08 @ 07:06

Hold that thought, Afwas on the forums has made one.

Its here for reference http://www.blog.hemminga.net/media/blogs/plugins/randompic_plugin.zip


Gary (V2.3) [Visitor]  http://www.garysblog.co.uk01/24/08 @ 03:47

Great Video!
This made the install easy to understand.
But.. sometimes errors occur and the video really doesn’t address them.
I had to re-install my tables because of an error. This would be a good addition in the video but only if it happens to quite a few folks.

Thanks again!

Rick [Visitor]  http://WaterfrontSportsman.com02/02/08 @ 17:01

Hi Dan. Scuse me for digging up a golden oldie, but what software did you do this/these videos with? I remember when it came out on the dev team list and I downloaded it and played with it, but it seems I no longer have it. Or any memory of what it was called.

Thanks, EdB

EdB [Visitor]  http://wonderwinds.com03/01/09 @ 11:23

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