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Sci-fi authors predict the future (kind of)

06/26/04 | by [mail] | Categories: culture/news

I was at the library with Sara and Emma a couple of days ago and I decided it was time for a sci-fi fix. I picked up a book of stories by one of my favorites sci-fi authors, Robert Heinlein. The book is called The Past Through Tomorrow. I just finished a story called "The Roads Must Roll," which was written in 1940. In it he describes a futuristic one-person vehicle that should sound familiar to us today:

A tumblebug does not give a man dignity, since it is about the size and shape of a kitchen stool, gyro-stabilized on a singe wheel. . . . It can go through an opening the width of a man's shoulders, is easily controlled, and will stand patiently upright, waiting, should it's rider dismount (Heinlein 52).

Does that sound anything like this?



Weird!!!! I’ve seen many cops up here in Chi-town on one of those… what is it? A singe-wheeled kitchen stool?

jaeroplane [Visitor]06/27/04 @ 21:56

a tumblebug?

danny [Visitor]http://danny.brendoman.com06/27/04 @ 22:10

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