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12/17/04 | by [mail] | Categories: computer/tech

I posted a few days ago about picking a new domain name, and I finally settled on one: personman.com.

I was going to try and fix it up a little before I shared it with the world, but eh.



Nice. VI rocks, though, it once you get used to it you are rendered useless in editors like notepad, and even pico.

I was looking through your gallery, I see you had some starcraft going at the LAN party, and it looks like you dominated too. That game has stood the test of time like no other. I still play it more than WCIII (not that I play either very often).

Brendon [Visitor]http://www.techfreak.net12/17/04 @ 16:47


Honzo [Visitor]http://honzo.brendoman.com12/17/04 @ 17:25

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