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My garden digger

05/07/08 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal

Four nights ago my garden was dug up. I looked at it in the morning and all the seeds I had planted were mixed up and it was clear that a dog had been digging in my garden. It was probably looking for one of the many moles that roams my yard. I smoothed the dirt back out, but didn't replant anything. The next night it was dug up again. And the next night. So, I borrowed an outdoor light from my dad, set up my video camera in the window and installed some motion-sensor/recording software on Sara's MacBook (EvoCam). Once I found out which of the neighborhood dogs was destroying my work, I would be able to print off a picture and take it to the owner to ask that they keep their dog out of my yard. Well, my setup worked, but the culprit was not what I expected:


That looks like a fox to me. I live in the middle of a town of about 2,000. I've seen a fox wandering the streets in the last year, but I never was able to catch it on film. Now the mystery is solved, but I don't know what I can do about it. I wonder if the local animal control office has an email address.



It looks like a fox, but the first time i saw it I thought it was a coyote.
Either way… get some camo and a .22 and you are in business.

Cole [Visitor]05/07/08 @ 08:12

If I were a lawyer, I’d make the argument that the fox was merely passing through. The evidence that it’s the animal digging up your garden is only circumstantial, at best, as there’s no clear evidence that he’s dug up anything at all! :-\

I vote for a small electric fence. (The camo and gun suggestion sounds very Ozark’ish) :p

On another note, I once had a neighborhood cat spraying my apartment door and a carefully laid electric fence led to a 2 AM howl, which solved the problem, but led to scratched concrete and much late night giggling. :D

stk [Visitor]http://randsco.com05/07/08 @ 16:41


lucas [Visitor]http://brendoman.com/wardwords05/07/08 @ 18:21

I believe you are right. That sure looks like a fox to me. The better question here I believe is - What kind of camera were you using? The clarity is amazing!

curious [Visitor]06/20/08 @ 11:30
[Member]  http://www.brendoman.com/06/20/08 @ 12:58

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