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Mr. Smith comes to Adrian

07/21/03 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal
Brandon, Keri and Eden Smith have been visiting at our house. Keri is holding Eden in the picture while Emma tries to figure out why the baby doesn't get down and play with her. She just kept offering her books and saying "hold it" and "get down." We've had a good time with the Smiths, some old friends from Truman.


Yea, dude. Cute babies. Don’t they rule??

tub_a_jam [Visitor]07/23/03 @ 23:19

hi danny, its kristy. i have no clue what the code is, but i’ll try to get it from jared. your friend is welcome to it, no problem.kristy

squatermelon [Visitor]07/25/03 @ 09:17

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