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Links, get 'em while they're hot

01/18/05 | by [mail] | Categories: culture/news

If some old Jesus toast is worth tens of thousands, then how much would people pay for a Jesus-looking oyster shell? (via Linkfilter)

Bryan Berg: Cardstacker - Wow. The gallery is worth a look. (via Linkfilter)

A new blog: Mare's Mess.

A blog that's surprisingly entertaining.

The World's Oldest Blog.

Could Jon Stewart replace Dan Rather?

The Daily Sucker - From the maker of Web Pages That Suck. A new example of bad web design every day. My newest subscription in Bloglines.

Who is funding the massive campaign to convince people that privatizing Social Security is good?

That's all I've got.



That shell looks more like the Elephant Man than Jesus.

Kyle [Visitor]http://kyle.brendoman.com01/19/05 @ 07:58

Hi, are you working both in a church and with computers? What a fantastic combination, I really would like to have jobs like that :)

Kristofer [Visitor]http://believerswear.blogspot.com01/19/05 @ 12:42

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