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Keyboard shortcuts

06/28/07 | by [mail] | Categories: computer/tech

A coworker sent me a link to this article on the Onion. I've been that guy. It's so true, though. You menu clickers are frittering away precious seconds of your life. I posted about one of my favorites a few weeks ago. If I learn a few more shortcuts I'll be ready to tackle one of my life goals: Go through a normal productive day at work without touching my mouse. It's good to have dreams, eh?

Happy keyboarding.



“I’ve been that guy."? As in have been, past tense? Okaaaaaaay.

Matt [Visitor]  06/29/07 @ 10:47

No Matt, more like, “I have been that guy for the last 15 years.”

Mike [Visitor]  http://earnhartandfriends.com06/29/07 @ 15:29

Me too. I need to learn more of them. :}

Virtual Office Assistant [Visitor]  http://www.vickysvirtualoffice.com12/17/07 @ 19:44

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