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iMovie 08

09/02/07 | by [mail] | Categories: Apple

I just finished my first project in iMovie '08. I'm really trying to like it, but it's hard. Here's a quick run-down of the pros and cons as well as my idea for how to fix it.

Scrubbing - Move your mouse over clips and you scrub through the clip.
Selecting - Scrub to where you want to start the selection, click and drag, scrubbing to where you want to stop. Then drag the selection to your project. This is an improvement over iMovie 06.
Events - I like this feature in iPhoto and I like it in iMovie, too.
YouTube export - This is great. I've spent hours trying to export to YouTube and the quality was never as good as this. Easy and good quality.
Other exports - The export interface for just making a quicktime movie for iTunes or iPod or iAnythingElse is very simple and nice.
Importing from camera - There's a new automatic mode that rewinds the tape and imports all of it. Cool.

No timeline - I like seeing a visual representation of how much time each clip takes up. The iMovie 08 project area isn't impossible to get used to, but it's not ideal.
Audio controls - The audio rubber band is gone. It allowed you to edit the volume in a clip.
Can't mute all the original clip audio easily - If you drag a bunch of clips to your project and add some music, you may want to mute the original clips and just have the song. You have to edit each clip and move the volume to 0%. In the old iMovie you could uncheck the audio track and mute it all at once.
Can't delete multiple clips from project - Add a bunch of clips or photos to your project, then change your mind? You have to delete them all one by one. WTF?
Less control over transitions - Add a transition and want to make it a little longer? Sorry, you can't.
No slow-mo or time-lapse - You used to be able to speed up or slow down a clip. No longer.
Less control in general - Maybe that's nice for novices, but I got used to some of the things you could do in iMovie.

My solution:
Most of the problems are in the timeline area. One solution would be to scrap the new timeline and go back to the old way. Here's what that would look like:

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Thanks for the blog! I like your solution! Third party plug-ins would have been a nice feature as well. But it seems to me the big push is on to upgrade to Final Cut Express HD 3.5.1.
I personally will not run out to buy a different editing software to fit my projects, that’s insane. It’s getting very competitive out there and someone is going to win big when they make editing programs easy for all people of varying social-economical backgrounds.

Best of luck!

L [Visitor]  10/03/07 @ 06:25

ok i know i may sound stupid but how do you get the timeline of 06 into 08? if you could tell me that, it would be great ^^

M [Visitor]  11/30/07 @ 15:41

hey please tell me how you do that cause i am so used to the 06 version. that i want to make the 08 feel like it.

N [Visitor]02/26/08 @ 18:42

Yes, but you CAN delete multiple photo’s, clips etc, because you hold command key (or apple key as some people like to call it) and then select the bits you want to delete.
so get rid of that section.
you can also extract the audio from the clips by selected the clip you want the audio from (or part of the clip) and hold shift and command then drag the audi where you want it.

hmmm yeah but [Visitor]05/05/08 @ 12:02

Great tutorial.It really is the coolest to watch the really detailed objects.

bafi [Visitor]06/15/08 @ 05:06

how do you put the timeline on the imovie 08?

kate [Visitor]08/12/08 @ 04:27

oh! what a fine solution with the timeline.
this looks super!
and: if the effects and transitions from imovie06 also would have remained, i would be in heaven…
unfortunately it seems to be just a dream.

sam [Visitor]http://patalab02.blogspot.com08/21/08 @ 04:02

i really loathe how they dumb down programs to the point they are no longer functionable.

meg [Visitor]http://tunahammock.com10/26/08 @ 18:25

actually you CAN change your transition time! i was excited to find this:
that link will show you how.

Naomi [Visitor]11/07/09 @ 16:49

for those of you who THINK that the iMovie timeline ‘06 can be put into the ‘08 and ‘09 versions yer wrong… the blog was set up as an EXAMPLE of how he wishes it were more like the 06 version….he basically copy and pasted it from photoshop to show you what it would look like… but it’s not possible… but keep plugging away because you’ll get used to it… I was like you guys I LOVED the ‘06 version but to be honest… once you understand the ‘09 version, it’s bad ass!!! and much more powerful…peace

bizu [Visitor]01/26/10 @ 21:35

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