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Immigration and Thanksgiving

11/23/08 | by [mail] | Categories: culture/news

(via TruthDig)



That’s the truth. They were here first

Deborah [Visitor]11/24/08 @ 06:40

I love that cartoon…thank you so much for posting it. I am going to steel it and post it to my blog if you don’t mind.

Katie B [Visitor]11/24/08 @ 10:24

The main problem is, all y’all spoke english when you arrived … you shoulda known they’d speak american :|


¥åßßå [Visitor]http://innervisions.org.uk11/24/08 @ 13:38

Maybe the meek did inherit the Earth. We’ll never know, since conquerors pretty much run things (everywhere) now.

stk [Visitor]http://randsco.com11/24/08 @ 15:29

LOL - you hotlinking leech! (All I see of the image now is “stop hotlining. host the image on your server").

stk [Visitor]http://randsco.com11/24/08 @ 17:46

I like how the cartoon lampoons American immigration policy.

I particularly like how it ironically supports American immigration policy. (Shoulda built that wall!)

peter [Visitor]11/25/08 @ 21:44

That’s funny as hell…..true American History is totally shocking. Those early guys just took shit, maybe there is something to be learned here……

turnNburn_1x [Visitor]  http://gtprizes.com/blog12/31/08 @ 08:45

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