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Ich bildete diese Web site für die ganze Menschlichkeit, einschließlich Deutsche.

09/20/03 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal

To whom it may concern (everyone):I was pondering the internation impact of my blog and so I used Babelfish to translate this website into German. It seemed to work great. But since I don't speak German I decided to copy my most recent post from the German version of Danny's Blog Cabin ("Kabine Blog Dannys") and have Babelfish translate it from German to English. This is the result:Good messages. Our 3 swordtails is still very healthy and active. Yesterday main header I 3 platies with Walmart up. I think that the certain multiplicity of Sunset Fire Platy or Xiphophorus is called maculatus, which is Latin thus "resembles its own babies eats". They seem to do in our container well and them also life supports are there, should we any baby see to fish once.Nun da lustig! ("Now that's funny!" or "Now there merrily!?")


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Der Eichhörnchen-König mag Ihren Pfosten sehr. Liebe, brandon

tub_a_jam [Visitor]09/20/03 @ 21:07

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