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I'm not normally an angry person, but . . .

03/23/04 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal

I'm ready to break something right now. When I cancelled my DishNetwork service the nice lady told me that I had no contract and so there would be no penalty for cancelling, except that I wouldn't receive any more credits on my bill for the equipment that I paid for. Great, I said, so I cancelled it and had my wonderful new DirectTV with Tivo installed. I listed the DN equipment on eBay and it's currently at $31, easy money. But then I get the worst call today. Don's Satellite (not to be confused with Don Arndt local DirectTV deale, but some outfit from Kansas) calls and says that when I ordered the DN from them I signed a contract for a year of service, with penalties for early withdrawal. Crap. I forgot about that. Why didn't DN tell me that when I called? Ok, what will the penalty be? $220!!! Oh, and by the way, we'll be picking up the equipment, too. Gaaaah! I paid for that equipment with my own stinking money! I don't know who to be mad at or what to break. DN should have told me that I did in fact have a contract, and Don's Satellite is the one breathing down my neck for this money. The worst part is that if I had just kept my DN service until the end of the contract (I think about 6 months) it would have only been around $100, and the equipment would have been mine.

Update: I was able to sign back up with Dish Network until my contract expires in August. I'll be paying them $24.99 for service that I don't use, but it will be cheaper than what the retailer wanted to charge me for dropping out. And I can go ahead and sell the equipment. I wish DN could have told me that I was under a contract . . . Bottom line: it's all worth it to have Tivo.



sorry about all the drama you went through. totally sucks though. At least you’ll be able to sell the equipment, maybe you’ll get a couple months worth of unused service out of it.

firefly [Visitor]http://fireflyoftheearth.com/external.htm03/23/04 @ 17:48

First off, this is not an “I told you so". I just remember when we got our service and I read the itty bitty print I thought even if you wanted out, you would be better off paying the minimum until your contract ran out.
P.S. Have Sara pull up her email. I sent Emma a little card.

pam [Visitor]03/23/04 @ 18:01

hey! that site isn’t real!!!! :p

gringo [Visitor]http://www.whoisgringo.com07/07/04 @ 21:33

sorry, i was in a rush and the random people start to irritate me.
instead check out cole.brendoman.com :)

Cole [Visitor]07/07/04 @ 22:39

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