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03/16/04 | by [mail] | Categories: computer/tech

After a few days of using our new Tivo, I think I can safely say we like it. We've got season passes for our favorite shows, so we can watch them whenever we want. We've recorded a few movies, so that's been fun. Yesterday on my day off I finished watching the 1976 version of King Kong. I trust that Peter Jackson will do a much better job with the story than this version. Yesterday we took Emma to a shopping mall that has a carousel. She thought it was pretty fun. Perhaps I'll put some pictures up later. Now for more about the Tivo. I've found what most consider the best guide for adding a hard drive. I'm considering a 200 GB drive and on Pricewatch the cost has gone down a couple of dollars each day for the last few days (today it is $121). Hitachi's release of a 400GB drive is bound to drive prices even lower.


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