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Good introduction to evolution

10/27/07 | by [mail] | Categories: faith/skepticism

Richard Dawkins - Designed and Designoid Objects

This six-part YouTube video shows a youthful Richard Dawkins explaining evolution to an audience of middle schoolers. If you think evolution sounds far fetched, then take a look at the video. I think he does a brilliant job of explaining the basics of natural selection.



Sorry bud history proves Isaiah does not miss and Charles Darwin himself said the old testament is a false history of the world.


Elijah [Visitor]  11/04/07 @ 11:37
[Member]  http://www.brendoman.com/11/04/07 @ 14:19

I’m trying to understand the angle of his comment. Was he trying to say that Darwin withdrew his claims of evolution? The site supports Biblical claims (as far as I read) but him stating that “Charles Darwin himself said the old testament is a false history of the world.” is actually true and in our favor of course. I must be missing something.

If he is indeed stating that Darwin recanted his claims of evolution, it is completely false and unsubstantiated.

Further, merely proving that archaeological finds did exist does not prove the historicity nor the veracity of the Bible’s claims. Look to the Quaran or even the Apocrypha (the alleged “false documents") as they pin point certain geographical areas etc. This is a common argument but doesn’t hold a lot of water imho.

[Member]11/07/07 @ 19:44

I think his argument goes something like this:
Isaiah is historically accurate.
Darwin said the Bible is a false history.
Therefore Darwin is wrong.

This argument is false on so many levels.

[Member]  http://www.brendoman.com/kyle11/08/07 @ 04:34

Oh wow, that is a bad one.

Henry Imler [Visitor]  http://hundiejo.com11/09/07 @ 06:02

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