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Gas Boycott

05/04/07 | by [mail] | Categories: computer/tech, culture/news

People, for the love of crap, if you get an email that sounds too good or bad to be true, it probably is. Before you hit the forward button, do a quick Google search for the subject of the email and the word hoax. Or visit snopes.com.

Google search for gas boycott hoax
Gas boycott page on Snopes

Someone taped this gem to the breakroom door at work. I also got it in an email from an otherwise reasonable person. First of all, there's never been a one day gas boycott that dropped the price of gas by 30 cents. Second, if you just buy gas on another day, the monthly total sales won't be different at all. The only things that can drop the price of gas are an increase of supply or a (real) decrease in demand.

If you actually want to do something about gas prices, then use less gas. Bike, walk, carpool, don't travel as much or get a more efficient car.



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Henry [Visitor]  http://hundiejo.com05/05/07 @ 17:37

And I’ll add (because as a geophysicist, who worked for oil companies, I’ve heard a zillion time that ‘oil companies are ripping us off and getting rich’) …

1/ the cost of exploring for oil is huge (you have no idea)

2/ if you really think oil companies are getting rich, then BUY THEIR COMPANY STOCK.

Common sense, eh? (an oxymoron, it seems)

Scott Kimler [Visitor]  http://randsco.com05/09/07 @ 10:17

That seems like an utterly cynical view: if the gas companies are ripping people off, then I should just buy their stock, so I can profit from ripping people off too!

But wait…what if I don’t want to make money by exploiting people? Hmm…

[Member]  http://www.brendoman.com/kyle05/09/07 @ 11:56

This notion of boycotting gas in a perennial embarrassment to our constituency. It’s just plain silly. For more on this and other silly practices we engage in (and politicians fuel), feel free to visit my site and leave comments.


Dan [Visitor]http://www.everydayfinance.blogspot.com05/16/07 @ 15:47

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