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Francois visits

08/10/07 | by [mail] | Categories: b2evolution

Francios and DannyThis week we had a house guest from France. I became acquainted with Francois through the b2evolution project. He created the project and continues to serve as the maintainer and principal developer. We did a bit of work on a forthcoming plugin. On the way to dropping him off at the train station we ate Gates BBQ and stopped at the Apple Store to help my sister pick out a new iMac for college. I decided to get one, too. The old PPC iMac I was using had begun to show its age.



That’s very cool. Sounds like you had a nice visit. Er, em, DIBS!

Matt [Visitor]  08/10/07 @ 22:21

it bothers me that cheyne was right…even miss spelling his name i don’t think i would mind his politics if he wasn’t so dogmatic…i think though you have to be little like that so high up in politics…but it is the american people that i worry about…when this whole thing started{iraq] THE PEOPLE IN MY MORMON SS CALSS WERE SO PRO WAR, but as mark twain said and john denver, don’t open up that bag of war….now everyone wants to put it back into the bag…well now i rfecognize that can’t be done

d barlow [Visitor]  http://barlowputz.blogspot.com08/20/07 @ 11:28

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