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Fish story

04/02/04 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal

Yesterday I finally got to go snagging. Gerald, Matthew and David took me down to Warsaw, MO, and showed me how it's done. If you've never been snagging before, here's the story: The spoonbill (aka paddlefish, aka Polyodon Spathula) hangs around at the bottom of rivers eating stuff and pooping (I can only assume). You throw out a 4-10 oz. weight and two huge treble hooks, drag them accross the bottom of the river hoping to sink some hooks into a fish's hide. It's exhausting, but a lot of fun and it's good to eat.

Matthew and I had never caught one before and we each hooked and then lost one within an hour of when we started. By the time we were done we had each brought one in. His was 36 inches and mine was 40. Click on the image above to see a bigger picture of my fish. Click on this link to see Matthew's fish. Come over to my house Saturday night (5 pm) to help us eat them.


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That is an awesome paddlefish, I have always wanted to catch one of those… We would always try and snag them in North Dakota on lake Sakakawea. They get huge. How many ponds was yours?

Reid [Visitor]http://faithgambler.typepad.com04/03/04 @ 14:34

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