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Fish Friends

01/20/08 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal

Emma and I made this video today:


She made all of the models except for the white fish. iStopMotion is a really nice app for doing this. You can even use your Apple Remote to trigger frame captures.



Wow, seriously that was awesome.

brendoman [Visitor]  http://brendoman.com01/20/08 @ 21:42

Awesome set. Great story. Best see-saw sequence ever!

matt [Visitor]  01/21/08 @ 06:14

That was cool!

Andrew [Visitor]http://www.brendoman.com/andrew01/24/08 @ 10:08

Hay guys
That is realy cool.How long did it take to make?

jp [Visitor]http://www.localspecial.com.au01/25/08 @ 03:39

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