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Ticket to Ride

Sara and I played Ticket to Ride last night and she beat me, 127-122. She did really well, especially for her first time. She built the longest route, going from Vancouver to Toronto by way of Santa Fe and Atlanta. She got all four of her high-point… more »

I'm so proud

My three year old daughter, Emma, is very particular about her radio habits in the car. Luckily, she does not make me listen to Radio Disney. Here are some of my favorite musical moments of the past week: 1. Emma saying, "Mom! (She is in the backseat… more »

I'm on the radio

Adrian Bank has become the sponsor of Swap Shop, a call-in show on 92.1 KMOE in Butler, MO. We created a series of 60-second ads and I was asked to help. We recorded the ads on my laptop using Audacity. I wrote and voiced two ads about online… more »


Email: Skype: dannysaraemma more »

Duchamp Theorizes

I was getting ready for bed the other night when I realized that my toilet seat was up. Not being a regular occurrence at the Ferguson household, I realized one of our many guests of the evening must have committed the offense. I then delved into my… more »

Would you like large bills?

I worked the drive-through window at the bank on Saturday for the first time. We had a lot of customers come through, but one sticks out in my mind. He had a rifle setting in the passenger seat of his car. I wasn't really nervous because I knew that… more »

Game session report

Last night we had my parents and sister over for dinner. Jenny's boyfriend Casey came later and once we could tear Dad away from the History Channel we played a couple of board games. Banana Republic This is a card game where you try to bribe some… more »

New game: Ticket to Ride

I just ordered a new board game. Matt has got me into German board games and I thought it was time to have one of my own. Ticket to Ride won the Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) for 2004. And it's supposed to be good for beginning gamers (read:… more »

Mike's pictures

My brother Mike finally added some pictures to his gallery. Now in German: Mein Bruder fügte Mike schließlich einige Abbildungen seiner Galerie hinzu. Now in Dutch: Mijn broer Mike voegde definitief sommige beelden aan zijn galerij toe. more »

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