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Intelligent Design on Trial

Nova | Judgement Day: Intelligent Design on Trial - I just finished watching this PBS documentary about the trial in Dover, PA. Like the trial itself, the film gives a good overview of the science of evolution and the criticism leveled against it by… more »

Colbert on Atheists

Card-carrying members of BS [Big Secularism] have snaked their way into every branch of the federal government, except for the judicial and executive. Did you know that in the House of Representatives and the Senate, there are as many as one… more »


"The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike." -- Delos McKown more »

Good introduction to evolution

Richard Dawkins - Designed and Designoid Objects This six-part YouTube video shows a youthful Richard Dawkins explaining evolution to an audience of middle schoolers. If you think evolution sounds far fetched, then take a look at the video. I think… more »


Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis one of the most influential works of popular Christian apologetics in the English language. It was a very important book to me when I was a believer, but now many of his arguments seem weak. The Moral Argument is… more »

A pattern

Greta Christina Says this so well: When you look at the history of the world, you see thousands -- tens of thousands, arguably hundreds of thousands or more -- of phenomena for which a supernatural explanation has been replaced by a natural one. Why… more »

Warren and Harris

This article is from April, but I only just read it. It's Rick Warren of the Purpose Driven franchise and Sam Harris, outspoken infidel, in a joint interview with Newsweek. Here's an excerpt: WARREN: If you're asking me do I believe in evolution, the… more »

Harmony of the gospels

I've been reading through the gospels and comparing the different versions of stories. It's interesting, not just for the fact that all four of these books can't be literally and totally inerrant since they contradict each other in many details.… more »

Sam Harris: Believing the Unbelievable

This 1-hour presentation by Sam Harris gives a very good overview of why an atheist chooses not to accept the claims of religion. (via Atheist Media Blog) more »

Monk debunked

I know that Matt is a big fan of Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk, so I decided to see what the monk has to say about why he believes in God in the first place. He has done a whole series of podcasts on the subject: Coffee Cup Apologetics. I… more »

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