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03/19/04 | by [mail] | Categories: computer/tech

TechTV.com is giving away money $25,000 to spend on home entertainment equipment. They show four code words each night and you can enter each one here for a separate chance to win (you'll have to create a username, etc.) Don't have TechTV? Don't want to watch 4 hours of TV just to get some code words? Perhaps this might be of some help.

Update: If the syclonefx.com site is down, you can find the codes by searching the TechTV message boards.



But if it is anything like right now (Saturday night), their apache web server is having problems and will not let you enter any codes for the contest.

Peter Eschenbrenner [Visitor]03/20/04 @ 19:15

do you know the codes for the 14th?

joey m [Visitor]06/14/04 @ 23:26

Wouldn’t happen to have the codes from yesterday (June 17th) would you?


yo boi [Visitor]http://same06/18/04 @ 12:02

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