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Decroded piece of crap!

01/23/05 | by [mail] | Categories: culture/news

Here's a pretty good Napoleon Dynamite soundboard. A couple of observations are in order.

  1. Decroded or decroted? Either way I don't think it's a real word.
  2. When I searched google for "decroded piece of crap," this was the fifth result.
  3. Sara loved this movie when she saw it in the theater, which was long before it was as popular as it is now.
  4. My lips hurt real bad.
  5. Update:
  6. Decroded @ UrbanDictionary.com.
  7. Decroded @ pseudodictionary.com.


That is flippin’ sweet!


[Visitor]01/23/05 @ 18:56

Isn’t it nice to be famous? Now if you could only hork off enough people to warrant 200 comments on a top 5 list, you’d catch up with me. (At least I win at something. Elvenland can bite me!)

sara [Visitor]http://danny.brendoman.com01/23/05 @ 21:17

If you’re going to play the who saw it first game, Honzo, Gringo, Grant, and I win :) also, I don’t think you closed your list tag.

brendoman [Visitor]http://brendoman.com01/25/05 @ 01:05

You all lose. I was at one of the invitation only pre-screenings, back when you had to be in the fan club to get in… yes, in the fan club before the movie was even out.

Annonymous Gloating [Visitor]01/25/05 @ 03:05

I’d prfer a Pedro soundboard.

Shane [Visitor]01/25/05 @ 13:31

I’d prefer a Pedro soundboard.

Shane [Visitor]01/25/05 @ 13:31

ah, that soundboard just made my day… man, i was wondering that “you know? my life would be complete or near completion when a napoleon dynamite sounboard is made.” well, now what?

fine! gawsh!

mucho thanks for the link.

gringo [Visitor]http://www.whoisgringo.brendoman.com01/27/05 @ 17:26

Let’s see, horking off topics . . . Top 5 reasons bad things about Mother Theresa and Billy Grahm. I’ll get to working on it.


[Visitor]01/27/05 @ 21:35

Does it really flippin’ matter who saw it first? You should argue about who likes it the most first, but you’d still be a bunch of flippin’ retards. GOSH!

Brendoman,Dont be jealous because Ive been chatting on-line with babes all day.

Monica Erickson [Visitor]02/10/05 @ 12:25

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