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Dancing Bananas: Emma's TV show

10/19/06 | by [mail] | Categories: family/personal

Dancing Bananas Emma has her own show now. It's called Dancing Bananas and it will basically be her telling stories and jokes and generally sharing her perspective on life. In the first episode she explains how she got the idea for the name, tells a couple of jokes and the story of how we got our new cat.

There are several ways to get the show. The easiest is just to go to her website: Dancing Bananas and watch the YouTube version of the show. That may take the least effort, but it won't be the best quality. For the high quality version, you can download it from her site, or subscribe to the Broadcast Machine feed. You can then get all new shows automatically downloaded to iTunes, Democracy Player or your video podcast client of choice. There are subscribe buttons on Emma's site. I think Democracy might be the best way to get it. They just released a new version and it's a very cool program. This could be a good excuse for you to check it out.

If you have show ideas, questions or fan mail, please use the comment form on brendoman.com/emma. Emma can answer your mail in future episodes.


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