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G4 from the inside: Dan Huard, Wil Wheaton

Dan Huard: Life as a TechTV/G4 Employee - Dan is the guy who screened my call when I was on The Screen Savers. If I had called after G4 took over I probably wouldn't have been on, since they've adopted a policy of no geeks and no technical questions. I also thought it was funny how Dan says that some of the new hosts have been banned from answering live calls because they know jack squat about computers. Here is a good article from Wil Wheaton about how things worked at G4 when he was there. So sad.

(Extra geeky bonus link: Leo Laporte comments on Slashdot in reaction to the post linking to Dan's article)

Cole Young in the KC Star

America: The Book

Sara gave me America: the Book for Christmas and it's been my favorite gift so far (although this hat was very fun, too). The Daily show is in reruns for two weeks, so this book really hits the spot. My dad asked me, "Is this all satire, or is there anything worthwhile in there?" I had to reply, "I don't like the way you frame that question." This book is fairly crass in places. It makes fun of our current government, our founding fathers, even the constitution, but it does it in a way that subtly points out where we've gone wrong. Writing this in the form of a textbook was brilliant. They even manage to make fun of textbooks quite a bit. Click on the picture to the right and you can search the text of the entire book and even browse through it's pages.


Peace on earth, good will to men.

Search Amazon from DBC

For those of you who like buying things from Amazon, but have always wished that each purchase would give me money, I give you my Amazon search page.

8 Mile

Sara and I watched 8 Mile this weekend. It was a pretty decent flick. I think that in the future, all international disputes should be settled with rap battles like in 8 mile. I wish someone would compose some battle raps involving foreign policy and post them in the comments.


I've been learning a new game recently. And by new I mean that the game is 3000 years old. Go is a two player board game originating in China. The rules are pretty simple, but the strategy can get very intense. is a good site for more information, including a good introduction to the rules. This other site has some good interactive lessons (requres Java). I've been playing the game on my Pocket PC and routinely getting my butt kicked, so I'm going through the lessons to see if I can get any better.

Go is known as Weiqi in China, or .

ROTK shipped

Dave Barry heals the nation | 12/12/2004 | Can't we all just get along?

The nation suffered a wound during the recent presidential election as a result of the rift between the red states -- defined as 'states where `foreign cuisine' pretty much means Pizza Hut'' -- and the blue states, defined as ``states that believe they are smarter than the red states, despite the fact that it takes the average blue-state resident 15 minutes to order a single cup of coffee.

After you read this column, be sure and check out Dave Barry's Gift Guide

Optical Illusion

Check it out. The picture's not moving but it sure looks like it is.


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